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Tuesday, March 13, 2007
Quote of the Day
We haven't beat up on the media much yet today. So how about this. Digby:
The problem here is that many in the press seem to see their role as some sort of referee and conduit for the two parties instead of independent fact finders and purveyors of truth.
Boy, isn't that the truth? Doesn't that just summarize and awful lot that is wrong with the mainstream media?

This comment came about because Jay Carney, writing for Time Magazine and their blog apologized to the left-wing blogosphere today:
When this story [ProsecutorGate] first surfaced, I thought the Bush White House and Justice Department were guilty of poorly executed acts of crass political patronage. I called some Democrats on the Hill; they were "concerned", but this was not a priority. The blogosphere was the engine on this story, pulling the Hill and the MSM along. As the document dump proves, what happened was much worse than I'd first thought. I was wrong. Very nice work, and thanks for holding my feet to the fire.
Crass political patronage is so old hat, not worthy of coverage eh?

Anyway, Jay, good to see you owning it. Might I suggest that you and some of your collegues give Digby's post a read about how you in the media can return to your basic job of truth-finding, not garbage reporting.
Blogger Lynne said...
"The blogosphere was the engine on this story, pulling the Hill and the MSM along."