Bending the Third Rail
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Tuesday, March 13, 2007
Is Chucky Staying Home?
The American consumer makes up 70% of the American economy. If Chucky and Charlene stop shopping, the economy tanks. The readings on consumer spending were due out today. It's funny, I was reading a guy yesterday who predicted a very bullish increase of .05%.

U.S. retail sales in February managed a slight gain that was below expectations and followed a flat reading the month before, indicating the economy's big driver, consumer spending, was weak in early 2007.

Retail sales increased 0.1% last month, the Commerce Department said Tuesday. Sales in January were unchanged, as reported originally.
Like I said, if C & C stop shopping, it will not be happy times. I wonder if the empty Home ATM machine is affecting all this? The stock market is not happy today about the news.