Bending the Third Rail
Because We Should, We Can, We Do
Monday, March 12, 2007
Three Card Monty
Sheesh. I know it's not difficult, but here is another example of the media not understandinig the Bush administration, and particularly George Bush. Michael Isikoff and Richard Wolffe write in Newsweek:
"The prospect of Libby's serving time is fueling an intense debate in Washington: should President Bush pardon him? . . . Out of obligation and duty, Cheney is almost certain to press Bush to pardon his close friend and protégé.

"But don't count on Bush to go along -- at least not yet. . . .

"At his first press conference as president in February 2001, Bush set himself apart from Bill Clinton, who had caused a stir with several controversial pardons in his final days. When it came to granting pardons, Bush said, 'I'll have the highest of high standards.' . . .
That one sentence reflects, even at this late date, a Bush meme that he is a man of strong principles and is willing to take a stand. Of course what is missing is the second part of that equation, namely that Bush is also a self-serving crony-ass-kisser that will do anything that politically pushes the agenda of those in his "circle". Anyone who thinks that Bush will, on principle, follow any kind of guidelines in deciding if Libby should be pardoned is nuts and is misreporting the story.

Bush will certainly pardon Libby. The conservatives will whine and moan that it was not a crime blah blah blah, giving Bush "cover" to pardon him. The only thing that is left up in the air is how other Republicans, who have to face the electorate, will respond. Don't hold your breath that they'll fall all over themselves on principle.

BTW the title refers to my desire to play the game with Isikoff and Wolffe who I'm sure would give up a substantial part of their savings.

Besides, here's the real kicker from Frank Rich (same link):
"Either way, the pardon is a must for Mr. Bush. He needs Mr. Libby to keep his mouth shut. Cheney's Cheney knows too much about covert administration schemes far darker than the smearing of Joseph Wilson."