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Monday, March 12, 2007
Hank and Condi
Condi has been shining ole' Henry Waxman for years. He's getting a little tired of it I think (.pdf) He's asking about all kinds of nasty, impolite government items that Condi has been ducking for years. I suspect the next move will have to be a subpoena and a resulting Constitutional confrontation.
Blogger Chris said...
Are you kidding me?

Christ, we WANT Waxman to subpoeana Condi!

Waxman is a showboat and an asshole. He has none of the restraint of, say, an Obama and an abrasive personality. Plus, he thinks that Condi is stupid.

Condi will make him shit Tiffany cufflinks by the time she is done with him. Right now, at the WH, they are probably thinking of ways they can bait Waxman into subpoeaning Rice into his kangaroo court. Should be fun.

You need to understand that Rice has bested Richard ben Veniste, Don Rumsfeld, and Dick Cheney. You folks never learn, do you? Oh well....

Blogger Lynne said...
Be sure and hide your profile, Chris, so no one can find out anything about you.

Blogger GreyHair said...
Gee Chris. Allow me to retort.

You're full of shit.

Everything you've written is factually incorrect. Condi hasn't been able to "best" the shoe salesman.

But thank you for your comment.