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Tuesday, March 06, 2007
Fired Up
One of the fired U.S. attorneys, David Iglesias, testified today (video clip available) in front of Congress:
Iglesias first described the call he received “at home” from Sen. Pete Domenici (R-NM), saying it “was the only time I had ever received a call from any member of Congress while at home during my tenure.” Domenici called to prod Iglesias “about corruption matters or the corruption cases [involving Democrats] that had been widely reported in the local media.” Here’s how Iglesisas described the conversation:

Domenici: “Are these going to be filed before November?”

Iglesias: “I didn’t think so.”

Domenici: “I’m very sorry to hear that.” [Line goes dead]
Rep. Heather Wilson, also a Republican, also put tried to pressure Iglesias to indict Dems prior to the election.

I'm really not sure where this goes next. There needs to be a link found between those Congress-critters and the White House as a next step. Short of that, it looks as if at worst there might be a slap on the wrist of Wilson and Domenici.

You and I don't need any real further proof. The actions in firing the attorneys are a further implementation of the conservatives policy of using government functions to political ends. It's common practice when they're in power and they attempted to use it prior to the 2006 election. I hope the story stays alive awhile, further painting the Republicans for what they've become.