Bending the Third Rail
Because We Should, We Can, We Do
Tuesday, March 21, 2006
(Holding My Head In My Hands)
Now I KNOW I'm stuck in a bad remake of the movie, Goundhog Day:
The LAT fronts a story about the "murky relationship" between Iran and al-Qaida. Some American intelligence officials believe that much of the terrorist organization's remaining leadership is based out of Iran, where some elements of the regime are willing to turn a blind eye, or maybe even lend a hand. The evidence, however, is decidedly sketchy, and some spooks are doubtful about a link, citing the Sunni-Shiite split. The fact is no one really has a clue. "It blows me away the lack of intelligence that's out there," one counterterrorism official tells the paper. Though that's not stopping some anonymous saber-rattlers from leaking vague assertions. Sound familiar?
As with Iraq, this is highly unlikely. Iran is an Islamic, Shiite, fundamentalist state. Al Qaeda is an Islamic, Sunni, fundamentalist organization. We've seen how well those two get along in Iraq. Sure, they may be driven by a common hatred of the U.S. They still don't cooperate with each other, even in Iraq where there is a U.S. presence. Besides Al Qaeda doesn't need Iranian assistance. It has Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Sudan and any number of other Sunni friendly region with which to cooperate. This story looks suspiciously to me like another "leaked" intelligence report to our forever discerning media.

BTW, just as a note. Blogger has been really screwed up lately. The pictures part is especially techy. I like putting up little pictures, but it's limited right now.