Bending the Third Rail
Because We Should, We Can, We Do
Monday, March 20, 2006
Hansen Speaks
Although James Hansen is an extremely well-known scientist, he was not allowed to talk with 60 Minutes without having a government minder sitting in the room. To my mind this shows what a threat the Bush administration believes him to be because now it is on the public record that they feel that he cannot be interviewed without someone watching what he is saying. Of course, this is because what Dr Hansen has to say is quite upsetting to the Bush corporate backers.

Dr. Hansen believes that we must slow down and reverse our carbon emissions within this decade or it will be too late to stop the worst of the consequences from global warming. In fact, he believes if we let things go on as they have been, by the end of the century humans will be living in a world that is totally different than mankind has ever known. Dr. Hansen has decided that he cannot be silent because if he doesn't say something he will not be fulfilling the NASA mission which is to understand and protect the earth.

Read the whole thing over at the Left Coaster. From what this esteemed scientist is saying, we are in grave danger and can't wait until Bush is out of office. The Left Coaster has another good link, to the Cool It Campaign.