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Friday, March 16, 2007
Bright Shiny Objects
Froomkin today on the prosecutorgate story:
Right now, Washington is engaged in feverish speculation about whether Gonzales is in his last days, or even moments, as attorney general. But as I wrote in my Wednesday column, Gonzales is a diversion.

The mainstream media was slow to get hot on the trail of this story. As Paul McLeary writes for CJR Daily, the liberal blog Talking Points Memo's dogged coverage is what kept the story alive.

But now, the mainstream media is in danger of getting distracted by the White House razzle dazzle -- and, quite possibly, by the spectacle of Bush throwing Gonzales, one of his oldest friends, overboard.

Keep your eye on Karl Rove, people.
He then goes on to outline the numerous ways in which the msm has followed the bright shiny object the White House is dangling in front of them. Once again, the blogosphere led by Josh Marshall is dogging the real story which is moving towards, "what did the President know and when did he know it" or "what did Rover do and when did he do it".

Will the media get the story? Or will they play greyhound running around the track after a fake rabbit? If history is any guide, you know the answer to that.

And just how are the rightwing fighting keyboarders handling it? Joe Conason puts it the best (hint: Clenis did it!)
"From the Drudge Report to the Fox News Channel to the Wall Street Journal editorial page, the usual suspects are shrieking in unison:

"Bill Clinton fired a lot of U.S. attorneys too! In fact Clinton was worse because he fired all of them at once! And the Democrats didn't complain when Clinton did the same thing!

"If those wails are loud enough, hapless mainstream journalists tend to repeat the same bogus accusations. Phony analogies and bad history gush out in a toxic stream of informational sewage. Then somebody (sigh) debunks those claims, just like someone hoses down the street after a parade of circus elephants."