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Friday, February 02, 2007
We'll Take Ya
Radar has done an investigative report on military recruiters. It's no secret that recruiters are having a tough time filling quotas. Given the current situation, the standards for entry into the military have been somewhat, shall we say "relaxed". Here's what Radar reporters did:
To find out, Radar's Teddy Wayne called recruiting stations around the country disguised as a veritable Breakfast Club of misfit would-be soldiers, all dramatically unqualified or unattractive for service in some way: a flamboyant gay man concerned with the availability of hair pomades in Iraq; a bed-wetting mama's boy who wants to bring his own alarm-rigged plastic sheets; a martial arts freak desperate to unleash throwing stars and nunchakus on Osama; a meth dealer who has "hypothetically" done every drug in the book; a chronic IBS [irritable bowel syndrome] sufferer who subsists mostly on celery; and a lobotomy patient whose side effects include problems with "Decision-Making Ethical Opportunities."
You can guess the results. Go give the transcripts a read, it's a scream.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
I can definitely vouch for the "relaxed" standards. I am a high school nurse and see who the recruiters are targeting. Students with bipolar disorder, students barely able to read and write and those with major personality disorders. SHEESH!!!

Kathy Boehm