Bending the Third Rail
Because We Should, We Can, We Do
Tuesday, February 06, 2007
Mayor Rudy
Well, Rudy's in the race. You might want to get to know this guy a bit (Salon, short advertisement to sit through)

Digby and Glenn Greenwald explain why we should be worried about his candidacy, and why the conventional wisdom that Rudy doesn't have a chance due to the Christianist is wrong.

I agree with Digby and Greenwald that Rudy is not a slam dunk loser. But you know that the Republican primaries will be tough .... and damaging to a Guiliani candidacy because of his personal antics and problems. As long as Brownback is in the race, he'll be reminding the religious right of Guiliani's numerous personal "indiscretions".

It's possible that if Guiliani did beat out the competition and become the Republican nominee, he would do so as a quite damaged candidate with much less appeal to moderate voters, which is supposed to be his strength. But then, if the Iraq war isn't any better and Bush's approval is still in the toilet, it may not matter who is the Republican nominee. Guiliani might just make a nice sacrificial lamb.