Bending the Third Rail
Because We Should, We Can, We Do
Monday, February 05, 2007
Iraq Resolution
It's looks like there's a pretty good chance that even the non-binding resolution against the Iraq war is going to be killed by the GOP. You can read about it here.

The short version is that there will be a vote to determine whether the resolution should come to the Senate floor for debate. If there are not 60 votes for that parlimentary move, the resolution is stopped in it's tracks and effectively derailed. Mitch McConnell says that "all" Republicans will oppose bringing the resolution to the floor for debate.

This is how Senators can be for something before being against it, muddying their records such that it's impossible to know where they stand. For example John Warner, who is one of the co-sponsors of the resolution, appears to be poised to vote against bringing his own resolution up for debate. He can then go to his voters saying that he sponsored legislation opposing the escalation while conveniently ignoring that he voted to kill the thing by not letting it come to a floor debate.

I fear it won't be until very close to the 2008 elections that there will be any real leverage against Bush and the war. Voters will forget about this procedural move. But as it gets closer to the elections, ads pointing out this tactic will have more legs ..... and the Republican pols know this. I've always thought that Bush would get his "last chance" in Iraq and I don't see anything on the horizon to change that. Despite the 2006 election results, polls showing overwhelming public opposition to the war, and the fact that up to 70 Senators oppose the escalation, I'm afraid we're in for two more years of this mess, and maybe more messes down the road.

Update: Yep, they did it. The measure passed but not by a filibuster-proof vote. The Republicans, therefore, defacto filibustered the measure. Even Warner voted against his own resolution. Of course, Boltin' Joe voted with all the other Republicans except Collins and Coleman who know they are for the re-election fight of their lives.

At least for now, a resolution opposing the war is DOA. Josh Marshall:
That's fine. The senate allows for that. The filibuster is an important right that sizeable minorities have in the US senate. But you take responsibility for what you try to filibuster. So let's note exactly what's happening here. The Republicans -- even ones who say they're against escalation -- are using the filibuster to prevent the senate from opposing the president's war policy. That simple. That's all this is about. Every Republican vote here is for a free hand for the president in Iraq.
Update II: It just struck me. Chuck Hagel also voted for the filibuster. All talk. Allllll talk.