Bending the Third Rail
Because We Should, We Can, We Do
Saturday, January 27, 2007
Beating the Drums
We're now starting to see stories like this one on a daily basis, likely setting the table for war with Iran:
WASHINGTON - The Bush administration said Friday it intends to present evidence that Iranian operatives in Iraq are targeting U.S. troops. The announcement came shortly after word that President Bush had authorized U.S. forces in Iraq to fire on or capture any Iranian agents deemed a threat to American troops or the Iraqi public at large.

“It makes sense that if somebody’s trying to harm our troops, or stop us from achieving our goal, or killing innocent citizens in Iraq, that we will stop them,” Bush said when asked about the aggressive new policy, first reported by the Washington Post. “It’s an obligation we all have ... to protect our folks and achieve our goal.”
What I find interesting about this story is something I read the other day (sorry, no link). In that story, an intelligence source reported that the policy inside Iraq has always been to fire on anyone who is threatening the troops, including Iranians, although I think anyone would be hard pressed to like actually know if they're Iranian or not. If this has been standard policy, then why would the White House release a statement specifically targeting Iranians in Iraq? Why make an announcement now?