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Thursday, January 25, 2007
Help Lara Logan
This is an email from Lara Logan, a CBS correspondent (via Atrios):
From: lara logan
Subject: help

The story below only appeared on our CBS website and was not aired on CBS. It is a story that is largely being ignored, even though this istakingplace verysingle day in central Baghdad, two blocks from where our office is located.

Our crew had to be pulled out because we got a call saying they were about to be killed, and on their way out, a civilian man was shot dead in front of them as they ran.

I would be very grateful if any of you have a chance to watch this story and pass the link on to as many people you know as possible. It should be seen. And people should know about this.

If anyone has time to send a comment to CBS – about the story – not about my request, then that would help highlight that people are interested and this is not too gruesome to air, but rather too important to ignore.

Many, many thanks.
The story is here. Given it a look. Remember, this is all taking place a couple of miles from the "secure" green zone. Alamo anyone? This is the type of reporting that should be occurring nightly, yet CBS hasn't aired this segment.