Bending the Third Rail
Because We Should, We Can, We Do
Sunday, December 10, 2006
New Product!
There's going to be a new product announcement next week by the White House. It's going to be called "The New Way Forward"! The decider has decided on our Iraq plan and will be announcing his new product to the waiting world. I'm sure it will be the new and improved version, but the ingredients will look strangely familiar.

But hey, maybe they'll distribute some spiffy new buttons or something?

Update: Spencer Akerman gives our product a new name, "Fortress Baghdad"! As mentioned, we all know how well that worked in Vietnam.

Spencer Akerman calls it the "headless chicken phase". Meanwhile, Laura Rozen has the lowdown on what's on the table. You can go read it here. But I can give you the short version: Stay the course while adding more troops, hunker down in Baghdad while picking a fight with al Sadr. No timetable.


Update II: I keep coming back to this post, I guess out of a sense of despair. If this is Bush's plan, he's going to pick a fight with a guy (al Sadr) who has more soldiers than we do and more popular support than the government of Iraq. By taking sides, siding with SCIRI, he picks a fight with the Sunni's, a large portion of the Shiites (under al Sadr) and the Kurds. Double plus good is the fact that SCIRI wants a fundamentalists theocracy (the name IS Supreme Council of Islamic Revolution In Iraq), and is very closely aligned with Iran.


We've lost .....