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Sunday, June 25, 2006
New Dead Count
Via Slate, the latest estimate of Iraqis killed in Iraq:
"Proportionately," The LAT says of its death toll estimate, "it is equivalent to 570,000 Americans being killed nationwide in the last three years." The paper arrived at the 50,000 figure by obtaining data from Iraq's national health ministry and the Baghdad morgue, and "checking those numbers against a sampling of local health departments for possible undercounts." If anything, the story suggests, its estimate is probably low, because few records were kept in the anarchic first year after the invasion, and many deaths continue to go unreported in the more lawless provinces. The pace of killing also seems to be quickening—1,154 Iraqis were killed last month, triple the death toll in May 2004.
Please allow me to remind you of a post I put up some time back about the Lancet study (done in 2003) which showed that Iraqi civilian deaths had exceeded 100,000 (as of then). This study was carefully done, peer reviewed, ..... and ignored by the media.

If these deaths took place during any other occupation, our media would correctly label these deaths as genocide. But hey, a few thousand here ...... a few thousand there, pretty soon you're talking about real humans!