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Friday, June 23, 2006
Cut n' Run
As usual, Digby summarizes it nicely:
It's ballsy and it's "bold," but what would you expect from a party that is looking at losing its majority in the fall? Of course they are going to try to run on some faux, patriotic, don't "cut n run" crapola. What else have they got? It's their tried and true playbook and the best they can hope for is to trash talk the Democrats into cowering into the corner.

But just because they are running their game again that doesn't mean that Democrats need to run theirs and get all flustered trying to find a way to appear to support whatever the Republicans say without actually supporting them so they don'tlook soft --- and end up looking soft. That is losing politics and never more than now when we have these bastards on the run for the first time in decades.

As U.S. Grant famously said "it's time to stop worrying about what Bobby Lee is going to do to us and start thinking about what we are going to do to him."
Right out of Karl Rove's playbook. If it looks like your biggest weakness is the war, come out strong attacking the anti-war folks, which in this case includes 70% of the country. It's worked in the past simply because the meta-message of being ballsy is so enticing to Amurikans. It's why so many people continue to vote against their best interests. It's also exactly why Dems must come out strong .... very strongly anti-war ... pugilistically anti-war. In fact, it's time to attack the neo-cons as want to kill our young men for profit. Personally I like to call the Republican Congress the "meat grinders".
Anonymous romunov said...
Republicans = Money = Democrats. In other words, the two party system is a scham and a disgrace to a self proclaimed free world.

Vote independent.