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Tuesday, June 13, 2006
Media Ownership
From Common Cause:

Media ownership in America is already pretty concentrated. Did you know that since 1995, the number of companies owning commercial TV stations has declined by 40 percent?2 Did you know that Viacom owns CBS, General Electric owns NBC, Disney owns ABC and News Corp. owns Fox Broadcasting, which in turn runs Fox News Channel? News Corp. also owns the New York Post, the publisher HarperCollins, and the film production company Twentieth Century Fox. How much power and influence does that pack, and how much more of our major media should we allow any one corporation to control?

Even though the Internet has increased our ability to access diverse sources of news, major corporations - including AOL/Time Warner, the New York Times, CNN and USA Today (owned by Gannett) - dominate the top Internet news sites. To get an idea of how big these media companies already are, visit the Columbia School of Journalism's Who Owns What search tool.

Go to the Common Cause site and join in the effort to curtail this growing monopoly.
Blogger GreyHair said...
Another interesting development is the number of layoffs occuring in the media outlets. Business is bad, stocks are down, readership/subscriptions are falling. Do you think there's a message in that?