Bending the Third Rail
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Saturday, May 27, 2006
The Haditha atrocity details just get worse and worse:
The Los Angeles Times leads with the investigation into the killings of civilians in Haditha, Iraq, by U.S. Marines. The NYT broke this story yesterday and what the LAT adds is somewhat thin: that some of the victims were killed "execution-style." While chilling, that's not a big step up from the NYT saying that some of the killings were "methodical in nature." The Post runs a good story on the same incident above the fold, but theirs is based on interviews with residents in Haditha. One new detail in both stories: A 500-pound bomb may have been dropped on the town (the LAT says it happened; the Post says it's a point of contention), which the Post points out would indicate that senior commanders, who have to approve such things, would at least be aware that something was going on in Haditha.
One of the reports I read yesterday said that the killing spree went on for several hours.

Young men (too young) with guns, put in a place where everyone else has guns and hates them, directed by demoralized leadership, with an impossible mission and on the brink of continuous failure. It's a wonder we haven't heard about more of this. I have little doubt there has been more.
Blogger Cartledge said...
It is the ugly side of war, and it is the Marines.
Let's hope it brings some of the other war crimes into the picture as well.
Let us not forget, the whole adventure, which puts kids out there with guns and egos, is the result of a war prosecuted on lies.