Bending the Third Rail
Because We Should, We Can, We Do
Wednesday, March 08, 2006
Du-bye NOT
The big news tonight is the House Appropriations committee voting against Bush on the Dubai ports deal. Pundits, reporters and bloggers are all reporting that Bush will lose this one, that the Republicans are rebelling. We've heard this before.

Then I read this little piece from AP:
Republicans said it was possible senators would pass a simple symbolic statement in upcoming weeks that would put the Senate's view of the takeover on record without interfering with it.

Some senators said the House was acting prematurely because of the heat Republicans were taking from their constituents.

"To kill the deal without a comprehensive solution to port security is just living for the political moment," said Lindsey Graham, R-S.C.

John Warner, R-Va., the Senate Armed Services Committee chairman who supports the administration's position, said he would use the next few weeks to try to convince his colleagues to let the DP World takeover go forward.

However, he acknowledged supporters "are few and far between."
So the Senate is going to really smack Bush with a symbolic resolution!!! Boy, those Senators are really tough and courageous!!!

The next step is for the House members to all go on the record as the whole House votes on the bill blocking the deal. House members are more vulnerable in November, this vote will cover their asse.... ah ...bases. The bill will go to the Senate where they'll stop the House bill from going forward, instead agreeing on some nonsense resolution language to protect the few Senators who are vulnerable in November. In the alternative, the Dubai company will find some sort of shell American Corporation to do the deal, or some other sleight-of-hand move that will cause the Republicans to all sing in tune.

I'm sticking with my prediction. The Republican leadership, with Cheney in front, will find a way to make this deal work. James Baker, Bush Sr.,Treasury Secretary Snowe and the Carlyle Group have too much to lose if it fails.