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Monday, March 06, 2006
NSA Update
The NSA spying investigation has sort of sunk back in the headlines. Frist and Roberts have been doing the White House's bidding in trying to prevent a Senate investigation. But then there's this from Glenn Greenwald:
It appears almost certain that the Senate Intelligence Committee is going to vote tomorrow in favor of Sen. Rockefeller's motion to hold investigative hearings into the operational questions surrounding the NSA program. Sen. Snowe's office has been confirming that she intends to vote for the motion, which would guarantee that it passes at least 8-7.
Glenn warns that depending on the "independent Republicans" is a fools game. Sure enough, it appears that Snowe's office is now sending mixed messages about her vote and should be considered "undecided". So, it won't be until they actually have the vote tomorrow that we find out if the NSA illegal domestic spying scandal actually get's scrutiny, or drops like a stone.

What I find interesting is how cowed Republicans continue to be. Bush is dancing with the mid-30's in popularity, polls are showing the Congressional Republicans to be in trouble, and still there remains a high level of loyalty. This is exactly why I don't think Bush is under the bus yet .... not until after the mid-terms.
Blogger mikevotes said...
I assume you saw Frist's threat on Saturday to "restructure" the intelligence committee if it was too partisan(ie voted for the investigation)?