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Wednesday, April 04, 2007
Hostages Release?
Iran has announced that they will release the hostages.

I'll believe it when they're in Britain.

If they do, this "crisis" will have been resolved without the west declaring war on Iran! Imagine that?

Hidden in the back pages of the news it was also announced that Iraqi officials released an Iranian diplomat .... no quid pro quo.


There's much more to the resolution of this issue than we know. Who knows if we'll ever find out the whole story. One thing is for certain. Iran got the message across that if "you take our folks, we'll take yours".
Blogger priscianus jr said...
Uh, GreyHair,
We took theirs before they took ours (i.e. Britain's).

Blogger GreyHair said...
Uh, yeah. I know that which is why I think Iran needed to send a message ....

Blogger priscianus jr said...
My apologies, I misunderstood what you wrote...

Blogger GreyHair said...
No problemo, I do it all the time.