Bending the Third Rail
Because We Should, We Can, We Do
Sunday, February 18, 2007
Republicans Block Senate Debate On War
That's what the headlines should be.

Seven Republicans crossed over and one Democrat went south (gee, I wonder who that was) but there were only 56 votes for cloture (to stop the filibuster which needs 60). Reid is saying he won't bring it up again. I think that's a good move. The Republicans are now on record .... twice .... supporting Bush and his war. It further makes it their war as well. Since the House passed a resolution, the whole thing is becoming passe' now as the House begins to look at funding. That will be the next battleground.

Update: It looks to me like Reid held a vote for two reasons. One was to continue the political momentum against Republicans. But I'm wondering if the other reason was to allow some of Reid's more moderate Republican collegues an opportunity to "get on the record" as being against the war?
While many in the Senate felt the measure was doomed well before the votes were cast, the Los Angeles Times says that Reid held the Saturday vote in order to get as many Senators as possible to go on record as being for or against the troop-surge plan.
Those Republicans up for re-election may have incorrectly calculated that the negotiations to debate many resolutions would come through ..... and they didn't. That leaves the "seven" out on a limb if Reid abandons the issue so he allowed for one more vote on the recently House passed resolution.