Bending the Third Rail
Because We Should, We Can, We Do
Monday, February 12, 2007
Party Like It's 1994
Surely you've heard the big news! We've reached a deal (actually six countries have) to get North Korea to stop making nukes!
A deal to rein in North Korea's nuclear program would give President Bush a rare foreign-policy victory at a time when he is embroiled in a bitter debate over the war in Iraq and tensions with Iran. But the proposed deal also exposes the administration to accusations from both conservatives and Democrats that President Bush has essentially returned to a Clinton-era arrangement with North Korea -- known as the 1994 Agreed Framework -- that he disparaged and cast aside soon after he took office in 2001.
Hey, that's great! We have returned to the 1994 agreement except with a little extra added bonus .... North Korea now has a nuke or two just in case!

Heckuva job Bushie!