Bending the Third Rail
Because We Should, We Can, We Do
Tuesday, February 20, 2007
Lousy Defense
This is too funny.

Ted Wells, the attorney for Scooter Libby, demonstrated for the jury why they should convict Libby:
Theodore V. Wells, one of Libby’s attorneys, took a detour from his prepared remarks in the CIA leak case after prosecutor Peter Zeidenberg reminded jurors of Wells’ opening statement three weeks ago in which Wells painted Libby as the scapegoat in a White House plot to protect President Bush’s aide, Karl Rove. After making a big splash with that assertion, the Libby team pivoted, canceling plans to call Libby and Vice President Dick Cheney as witnesses.

Zeidenberg, borrowing a page from Libby’s own “faulty memory” defense, told jurors their memories weren’t failing them if they couldn’t recall hearing evidence proving Wells’s Libby-as-victim argument. “If you think back and draw a blank, I suggest to you ladies and gentlemen, it’s not a problem with your memory. It’s because there was no such evidence.'’

Wells called Zeidenberg’s remarks “personal” and said he “made no such promise” to return to his argument that Libby was being scapegoated. Indeed, he asserted that the prosecution fell short of its own burden to prove Libby guilty.
Wells doesn't remember making the assertion that the White House was throwing him under the bus to protect Rove?

What a joke.

It was even made obvious in the testimony by Libby's own witnesses that Libby felt dissed by the White House as it protected Rove but not Libby. Unless the jury is totally asleep, I would think this little problem would put Libby in the slammer!