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Wednesday, February 28, 2007
Did You Know Clenis?
Until about a year ago, I'd never heard the term Clenis. I kept seeing it in blog posts in reference to Bill Clinton but couldn't quite figure it out. So, I finally looked it up. Turns out (if you're like me and oblivious to the use of this term), Clenis is a hybrid of Clinton's and penis. Specifically the term is used when referencing the media's obsession with Bill Clinton's sex life.

Well, Tweety (aka Chris Matthews) has been all a-twitter over the "clenis" recently. I've also seen a number of articles wondering about how the Clenis would impact Hillary's campaign. You know, real news. But I think Atrios has the best quote about the whole Clenis thing today:
Bill Clinton is an incredibly popular person and only our Beltway press could imagine that he would somehow be a "liability" to his wife.

Though, to be fair, the subtext of the "concerns" of the Beltway chatterers is that they're really talking not about Bill Clinton, but about the Clenis, and the implication is that Bill will be a liability because the Clenis, an unstoppable mystical force, might get up to no good.

Why Bill Clinton's past infidelity is more relevant to his wife's candidacy than Rudy Giuliani's own infidelity is to his own candidacy is an exercise left to the reader.
Indeed, an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. We may have to go to a code red if Clenis get's loose. What a bunch of idiots. Further proof that cable news and much of the media's coverage of politics is suitable for fishwrap.