Bending the Third Rail
Because We Should, We Can, We Do
Thursday, February 08, 2007
Dick Wagging Dept.
Those conservative nutbars.

They're making a big deal about the size of Nancy Pelosi's plane. In case you've been polluted with a bunch of conservative crap, go here for the real story.

Update: Pelosi says screw it, she'll fly commercial.

I don't think Hassert should have flown anything but commercial, but the security nuts went nuts after 911 which is why he didn't. Since Hassert had it, Pelosi should have been availed an airplane for the same reasons. And frankly, I don't think Pelosi should have backed down .... it continues to feed the myth of Dems being bullied (see Edwards below). But then, I don't run the zoo ....

Update II: Digby notices the media is now back to the Clinton rules:
We're back on the tarmac with Republican spendthrifts accusing the democrats of being wealthy elitists who are ripping off the taxpayers. They do this by picking one little example, usually false or exaggerated, and then (sic) pound on it relentlessly, getting the utterly irresponsible morons in the press to turn it into a "scandal." Get ready for "scandal" after "scandal" after "scandal." They haven't missed a beat.

We have just lived through a dozen years of these miserable crooks stealing the country blind. Many of them, including [Dan] Burton, are under ethical clouds and others are literally in jail for ripping off the taxpayers. The country is in such breathtaking debt that it will take a generation to fix it, if we can. They rubber-stamped the most unpopular, failed presidency since Hoover for six long years until the American people finally got sick of it. And here they are unctuously whining for hours about how they are just trying to "save the taxpayers money" by having a hissy fit over Nancy Pelosi's travel.

But here we are. CNN is lapping it up, suggesting that Pelosi should be willing to puddle jump through the nation if she doesn't have a tailwind that night, and generally giving this completely bullshit (Pentagon lie) story legs. All the cable bloviators are shivering with excitement about covering their favorite kind of story again -- trivial, bitchy, tabloid stories about Democrats. Yum.