Bending the Third Rail
Because We Should, We Can, We Do
Tuesday, January 30, 2007
"They're Standing Up"
And getting their heads shot off.

The title is a quote from Preznit about the recent fighting in Najaf in which the Iraq army took on the insurgents/cult group. As all the positives and body counts were being released, I was of course skeptical. Now the real story is emerging:
Marc Santora of NYT reveals that the Iraqi army was very nearly overwhelmed and defeated by the Army of Heaven militia of the Mahdawiya millenarian movement near Najaf on the weekend. They had to call in not only US airstrikes but also US troops to save themselves from being surrounded and killed.
Remember. Whatever Bush asserts, believe the opposite.

Oh. And any claims by wingnuts that this group "Army of Heaven" had al Qaeda ties, or ties to Iran is nonsense (see above link).

Update: Here's Bush's exact quote on the fighting in Najaf:
Bush was asked in a National Public Radio interview about an Iraqi raid Sunday, backed by U.S. helicopters, on a heavily armed Shiite cult that Iraqi officials said was poised to assassinate the country's Shiite religious leadership. "This fight is an indication of what is taking place, and that is the Iraqis are beginning to take the lead," Bush said. "So my first reaction on this report from the battlefield is that the Iraqis are beginning to show me something."