Bending the Third Rail
Because We Should, We Can, We Do
Tuesday, December 05, 2006
Homeland Security
Want to get a sense of just how your Department of Justice operates? Go read this.

Here's a quick synopsis of the article by Glenn Greenwald:
So, to recap -- Homeland Security agents at ICE were so obsessed with building a case for drug trafficking that they knowingly stood by and continued to work with and pay a murderous psychopath who brutally murdered innocent people [13 people] (Mexicans, that is) while being recorded by Homeland Security agents. Despite that, they continued to receive permission from the highest levels of the DOJ to maintain their connections with him. And when a 30-year DEA agent complained about this -- after one of his agents and the agent's family was almost slaughtered as a result -- the DOJ sided with Bush's Texas cronies and threatened and punished the whistleblower with all sorts of recriminations (despite 30 years of exemplary service).
I specifically remember being taught ... and debating ... a lesson in school about the concept "the ends justify the means". I suspect that if a study was done, there would be a significant statistical difference in how conservatives answer that dilemma vs. liberals. In the real world, the results of being morally corrupted by accepting any means to an end are exemplified by the above story.