Bending the Third Rail
Because We Should, We Can, We Do
Wednesday, December 13, 2006
Finally, Getting A Little Play
Finally, some of the newspapers and analyst are starting to uncover the Saudi's hand in our Iraq policy. Probably because the Saudi's came out and said it:
What is remarkable is that it [Saudi leaders twisting Cheney's arm awhile back] is being stated by the Saudi leadership and published in the press. The Saudis are usually circumspect. If they are leaking this sort of thing, their hair must be on fire with anxiety.
So let's add it up. The American people overwhelming want, at a minimum, a timetable for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. The Saudi's have their "hair on fire" about the possiblity that the U.S. may be leaving. Which policy will the President decide to honor?

If there was ever an example of the consequences of our oil addiction, this is it. Bush will indeed double down with more troops. In siding with SCIRI, he will throw gasoline on the Iraqi fire while certainly being duped, and ultimately, stabbed in the back by the Iranian backed SCIRI leaders. And after many many more deaths, the expenditure of billions of more dollars, the further loss of American prestige and international leverage, the United States will still lose in Iraq and have to withdraw.

By the way. I heard an interesting point last night on the teevee. Someone, don't remember who, said that the cost-effectiveness of the Middle Eastern war has tilted way off kilter. That is, the cost of maintaining access to the oil has greatly exceeded the benefit the petroleum conveys on our country. This certainly can't be true though because everyone, absolutely EVERYONE knows that Republicans are much better businessmen than Democrats .......

Update: Someone else thinks something is up with Saudi Arabia:
Today the Washington Post buries this sensation on page A23: Saudi Ambassador Abruptly Resigns, Leaves Washington. The ambassador, Prince Turki al-Faisal, is the former head of the Saudi intelligence services, a serious player in the Saudi power game.

The usual "to spend time with his family" is given as official reason for the sudden resignation but that is of course bullshit. As is WaPo's speculation about illness of Prince Turki's brother. Steve Clemons' explanation of backstabbing in Riyadh does not sound credible to me either. So why is the ambassador being recalled?

The relations beween Washington and Riyadh are now tanking fast.

As was just published, in the first half of this year (newer numbers are not yet available) Saudi Arabia has moved further away from the Dollar and put a bigger share of its reserves into Euros.

Today the Saudi Arabia's National Air Services annouced to spend $2 billion on new planes, mostly European Airbuses, no Boeings.

While the Saudi "offer" for cheaper oil was on the table earlier, the Saudi Arabian oil minister now calls for serious production cuts by OPEC.

Also today 30 prominent Saudi clerics have called for Sunnis worldwide to mobilize against Iraqi Shiites.

The last issue can be seen as an open declaration of war against U.S. troops in Iraq and their allies in the mostly Shia Iraqi army. Such a call to the weapons could never have happend without the explicite agreement of the highest authorities in Rihyad.