Bending the Third Rail
Because We Should, We Can, We Do
Friday, December 01, 2006
Another Thought
On Iraq, you gotta wonder if Bush opening the Middle Eastern pandora box is the final scene in the play that began after World War II? In post WWII, the United States decided it was invulnerable. Korea put a chink in the armor, but didn't kill the idea. Vietnam really put a chink in the idea and should have killed it. But there were those die hard believers that thought Vietnam was lost purely due to a lack of will among the American people.

Today in the middle east, we're hearing some of the same arguments from the right and pundit idiots like Mort Kondrake. As Bush continues to have that same belief, we may just have to go over the cliff into a wholesale defeat to prove to even the most die-hard old guards that American power is not unlimited and that we live in world community where other's are to be respected. It's a very high price to pay to teach a few old bulls a lesson, but we seem to be moving that way quite quickly at this point. There's a general atmosphere of failing settling in around Washington with blame flying around everywhere. Bush's few supporters are painting him as a lone ranger who never had the tools to do the job. These are the last of the denyers and who knows what it will take to break them down.

I hope I'm wrong and fear I'm right.