Bending the Third Rail
Because We Should, We Can, We Do
Thursday, November 30, 2006
And .....
I just wanted to add something to my previous post.

I noted below (in the update) that Cheney was summoned by the Saudis for a little chat about Iraq. It's been revealed that the Saudis are threatening to join the Iraq civil war on the side of the Sunni's. They're willing to do this, likely, because the fundamentalist Sunni Waahabi's in Saudi Arabia are putting the heat on the royal family. The Waahabi's exert tremendous power in Saudi Arabia which has led to a very large disgruntled group of young Saudis. The royals are continuously fighting a rearguard to prevent overthrow.

I think the development with the Saudi's is important to understand Bush. Could it be that Bush is being held hostage in Iraq by the Saudi's? It's not entirely out of the question that an Iraqi civil war could easily spread to the overthrow of the royal family .... and they know it. Perhaps the Saudis have said something along the lines of "hey Cheney, remember that little oil interruption that occurred in the 1970's due to the U.S.'s backing of Israel? You ain't seen nothin' compared to what will happen if you abandon the Sunni's to genocide in Iraq. You broke it. Now fix it".

Given the closeness of the Bush family to the Saudi royal family, it may not take an overt national threat. Perhaps there's a threat against financial interests in the family? Who knows. But it's typical for the Saudi's to hang in the background with their oil like the 20 ton elephant in the living room.

My question is. Where's the media on this?