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Monday, July 03, 2006
Fourth O July

No one has ever accused me of being a nationalist.

The fourth of July is a nice holiday. I like the food, the fireworks, and the summertime feel. And I do think it is a good thing to honor the ideals for which America stands.

But as far as saluting the flag, it just is not my bag.

But I do want to point out one bit of American history that is ever more relevant. During the American revolution, the American army lost virtually every battle. Save for the early victory at Boston (where no fighting actually occurred) and a few other tactical successes, the British won every major conflict where a military solution to the American insurgency was sought.

America won the revolutionary war simply by being highly motivated and outlasting the British, who had other irons in the fire. Washington knew that if he could simply keep the army together and always "live to fight another day", he could keep the pressure on the British to have to expend labor, lives, and treasure in America. And Washington also knew that ultimately, it would simply get too expensive for the British to continue the fight.

Funny how history just repeats itself. When you elect people to high office who are so incurious, ill-informed, uneducated, and ..... well ..... stupid, you get history repeating itself over and over again. This phenomena occurs simply because the natural human reactions in conflict are not always the best reactions. There is much admiration for the Israeli "take no prisoners" sort of approach to conflict. But in fact, that strategy has left Israel largely isolated in their region and struggling as a society much like having a 50 lb. wrecking ball around your ankle. Unfortunately, Jews learned all too well are the knees of the Nazis.

George Bush prides himself on his "gut". Dick Cheney likely suffers from ginormous depression and paranoia because of a faulty ticker that has had many procedures stamped on it. Together, these two over-emotional-penis-challenged "men" are thoroughly relearning one of histories lessons.

It is just too bad that we all have to go along for the ride. But freedom means the freedom to screw up your country too!
Blogger Debra said...
My sentiments exactly. Great point about Cheney, in TCM he is compromised in more ways than one with a complete disconnect from reality being the result.

Blogger Lynne said...
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Blogger Lynne said...
I have not felt like celebrating the holiday. We have gone from George Washington to George Bush. From Thomas Jefferson to Tom DeLay. I feel more like wearing black than celebrating our "independence".