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Thursday, June 29, 2006
Data Mining
I have no idea how I got on a data mining company's email list but this came from ipdgroup today:

WASHINGTON, June 29 -- An odd thing seems to have happened to the mighty right-wing talking head media juggernaut. They are still talking, but fewer people seem to be listening---at least on the Internet., which is owned and operated by, tracks online usage for all web sites, large and small. At you can check a site's activity up to the minute, or follow its trail back for many years.

As President Bush and the Republican-controlled Congress continue to hit sour notes in published polls, I wondered how their back up singers in the right-wing media might be faring with the same public. Not well, it turns out.

During the past 3 months, for instance, traffic ranking has declined 18%. He still huffs and puffs away daily on radio, but advertisers might want to double check the size of his audience. If the bottom has dropped out on him online, it likely has had a similar trend line with his radio show.

Even Fox News, that gold standard of right-wing media, is down 13%. Here are the numbers, see:

Ann Coulter is coining money by attacking widows and orphans---a new game for her since she's run out of Democrats, living and dead, to defame and verbally pillage. You would think all of the attention the promotion of her new book has given her would raise visitor numbers at her web site, Nope. Traffic there is down 10%.

The audience chart reversal seems to be common across the entire right-wing side of the Internet viewing board. has dropped 40% in the past 3 months., that once popular center for right-wing news and commentary, has fallen by 24%. is down by 27%. And how about Matt Drudge, once the hottest right-wing name in Internet sites? says is down 21%.

Could it be that Internet users are getting tired of political sites in general? Maybe so. But is up 13% in the same period.
Anonymous romunov said...
Other progressive sites are gaining on visits as well, including and I just can't find the link ATM.