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Wednesday, June 28, 2006
You Piss Me Off So Pass The Spray
There are a few times in my life when I could have seriously used a dose of this:
TUESDAY, June 20 (HealthDay News) -- A nasal spray containing a "love hormone" may actually help defuse marital squabbles, scientists reported Tuesday.

The hormone, oxytocin, which has been linked with the ability to maintain healthy interpersonal relationships and healthy psychological boundaries with other people, appears to cut stress during tense social situations or conflict, the researchers told a news conference.
I can remember any number of marital therapy sessions where a good misting of both clients would have been quite helpful.
Anonymous Anonymous said...
love the title of the post

Blogger Debra said...
One of my favorite movie scenes is B.D.Wong trying to counsel Kevin Spacey and Judy Davis in The Ref. Priceless.

Very much enjoy that movie. No matter how many times I watch it.