Bending the Third Rail
Because We Should, We Can, We Do
Tuesday, July 04, 2006
Boltin' Joe II
Just to add a bit on the below post.

Joementum is certainly trying to have it both ways - fight in the primary while having an independent run in the wings. Unfortunately, if he expects a lot of Republican support in the midterm, he's woefully incorrect. With a Democratic nominee, Lamont, and Joementum both running in the general, guess who benefits? Yep, the Republican nominee. Suddenly a "safe" Democratic seat becomes viable and the Rethugicans will dump money into the race like crazy.

This entire broohaha is simply one of the battlegrounds of the fight within the Democratic party for it's soul. Will Democrats continue to be Republican lite or actually stand for something? Unless those fighting for real change in the Democratic party start to win, I'm afraid the midterms will be a washout for Dems. Eric Alterman mentioned on Air America yesterday that he is pessimisstic about the midterms for Dems simply because the Dems haven't yet learned to be angry. The likes of Pelosi, Schummer, Emmanuel and many many others in leadership roles have not yet understood that in today's environment, an angry metamessage gets voters motivated. If those wankers listed above go ahead and support an independent run by Lieberman, watch for a whole lot of the Democratic party voters to sit on their hands during the midterms general election.

And rightly so. And yes, the U.S. would then continue down a spiral rat hole. But perhaps we have to fall yet further down that rat hole to understand that the Republicans and Democratic centrists are bought and paid for by interests counter to average citizens. I hope citizens have awakened to the danger. We shall see.

ADDED: Josh Marshall has a great post up about Joementum. In it he points out quite nicely how Lieberman's is a poster child for everything wrong with the Democratic leadership. His gambit at trying to have it both ways (independent and a Democrat) is classic triangulation and manipulation, rather than actually, like, standing for something.