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Wednesday, March 01, 2006
Peak Oil
If you have any doubt that we are in Peak Oil, please go read this post at The Oil Drum. I think you'll come away convinced.

World production stopped increasing in late 2004.

Blogger mikevotes said...
That's great.

Nobody talks about peak oil, and yet it is the driving force behind our misguided foreign policy. The current goal is to isolate China from oil supplies. In a conflict, sea routes for China are certainly out, and that just leave overland from Russia through the southern republics, or through Iran. Funny, how we're agitating in both those areas, eh?

The one thing to note, if you think that the oil curve is going to drop precipitously at some point is that the US's military advantage over China is based on petrochem. Without oil to drive the planes, tanks, boats, etc. China has the advantage, so, if there's gona be a war, the US will want it when oil is still plentiful.