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Thursday, March 22, 2007
Take a Break UPDATED
Looks like Edwards is going to suspend his campaign to be with his wife who is ill again.

Best wishes to Elizabeth who is a class act.

Update: Edwards says the campaign continues despite Elizabeths illness.
Asked by a reporter at the press conference if those were accurate, Edwards answered flatly: "No...the campaign goes on."

Edwards also said that Elizabeth's sickness wouldn't lead them to "cower in a corner," adding: "We leave here, this press conference, to go to New York and Boston and California tomorrow. Together."
I hope this means that her medical prognosis is very good.

Update II: This doesn't sound good:
Elizabeth Edwards' cancer has returned, as everyone has been speculating. It's largely confined to her bones, "which is a good thing." Not curable but treatable. "We and she are very optimistic."
But I'm not medical expert. I'm sure we'll get more info later.