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Friday, March 23, 2007
The Inhofe Scale
I love this. Blogger Lou Grinzo has come up with the "Inhofe Scale", a measure of delusional thinking.
The Inhofe Scale will be used to measure statements (but most definitely not the speakers who make them) that exhibit a noticeable and willing detachment from reality. The scale is calibrated so that 100 equals the detachment seen in Senator Inhofe's "greatest hoax", polar bear, and Mars quotations, seen above. Extra consideration is given to positions espoused with an excessively cavalier attitude or downright meanness, and those from people or organizations that have a obligation to get it right.
Blogger GreyHair said...
Is that guy the biggest nutbar that has ever walked on two legs?

It's frightening to think that there are voters who actually put this guy in office. I never cease to be amazed at the "diversity" of our country.