Bending the Third Rail
Because We Should, We Can, We Do
Wednesday, March 28, 2007
Good friends:
WP columnist Jim Hoagland wonders why Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah said no when the White House invited him to a gala in his honor. It's a story that has received scant attention in the papers, but an official flew to Washington last week to explain the cancellation as a scheduling conflict. No one is buying that. Hoagland says it's "one more warning sign that the Bush administration's downward spiral at home is undermining its ability to achieve its policy objectives abroad." And Saudi Arabia's king is not alone. Jordan's King Abdullah, who has never been shy about visiting Bush, said he won't be able to make a state visit that was being discussed for September.
It has nothing to do with Bush's popularity at home. It has to do with Bush's popularity in the world!

Of course not visiting Bush is just smart policy. Bush specifically and America generally, are so radioactive in the middle east, coming here and kissing Bush's ring would be political suicide.

Update: Put this is your pipe and smoke it Mr. Bush:
One day later: “The king of Saudi Arabia, King Abdullah, condemned the presence of American forces in Iraq as an ‘illegitimate foreign occupation‘ in a speech today, and said the withholding of aid to Palestinians should end.”
Blogger Lynne said...
Wow, and these are his "friends".