Bending the Third Rail
Because We Should, We Can, We Do
Tuesday, February 27, 2007
Digby outlines the kabuki dance that seems to be going on in the Senate.

With Lieberman threatening to leave the Dems, he is demanding that Dems not attach any anti-war amendments to the legislation fully implementing the 911 panel recommendations. If you'll recall, even if Lieberman does bolt, the Senate won't change hands because of Senate rules implemented and agreed upon at the beginning of this Congressional session. However, the Dems appear to be using a Lieberman defection as their excuse to go along with Boltin' Joe's demands.

Why would they do that? It allows the Dems an excuse to be against the war while not really doing anything substantial that could cause a "crisis". They can blame the ever-hated Boltin' Joe for the fact that they didn't really do anything. Joe doesn't care if he's blamed cause he gets the impression of being powerful (and ego is everything to the guy) while not jeopardizing his base, the Republicans. Everyone wins. It makes you wonder if the Dems and Boltin' Joe aren't really working together?

As Digby says, if this was a tax bill it would probably be good politics. But we're dealing with a war and lots of lives. It's not really a good idea to play politics with the issue. But since when has that stopped them?