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Tuesday, November 28, 2006
My Fella Amurikans
Lyndon Baines Bush will apparently be addressing the nation on Iraq very soon:
"Republican officials briefed by the White House tell Time that the president will have something big to say in coming weeks. The president plans to combine the recommendations of James Baker's Iraq Study Group with findings from his administration and advice from Capitol Hill into what is being dubbed 'a way forward' for Iraq. .
Bush gave us a hint as to "the way forward" today in Latvia:
"There's one thing I'm not going to do, I'm not going to pull our troops off the battlefield before the mission is complete. . . . We can accept nothing less than victory for our children and our grandchildren."
But then he said Rumsfeld would be his lifelong SecDef a week before he canned him .... so who knows.

I think I agree with many of the other bloggers I read. Given Bush, his personality, Iraq, the media and U.S. foreign policy, I don't think American troops are coming home any time real soon. Baker can do all the divahning he wants but Bush is not going to be the one to withdraw from Iraq.

In the meantime, Bush seems to be attempting some behind the scenes manuevring to do a "reset" in Iraq. This would involve bringing back the Baathists (hey, I hear Saddam is unemployed!) and "dissolving" the Badr army and Sadr Corps (yeah, right). This is, of course, doomed to failure for a variety of reasons chief of which is that Iran and Syria will not lift a finger in Iraq until the U.S. is gone. But hey, it will likely buy Bush a few more Friedman's in the eyes of the wise men of Washington.
Blogger Lynne said...
Meanwhile I'm sure Bush still doesn't know the difference between a Shia and a Sunni.