Bending the Third Rail
Because We Should, We Can, We Do
Wednesday, July 12, 2006
Blood for Oil
The news media in this country sell us a certain viewpoint about the war. The news media in the Arab world presents a different side:
The U.S. has never been that keen or caring about democracy and freedom. On the contrary, America’s interference in any country, diplomatically or militarily had always been aimed at building big business with stolen resources, using the labour of poor or enslaved people. This isn't ancient history, the U.S. is using the very same policy up till now, best example is Iraq.

What the U.S. President failed or intentionally chose not to acknowledge is the reason why Iraqis are willing to die to inflict any harm on the U.S. forces.

It’s because the vast majority of the Iraqi nation now understands that the U.S. forces didn’t come to liberate, but to implement a certain agenda that includes exploiting the Arabs’ resources, especially Iraq’s, and establish military bases in 120 countries. It’s the U.S. continuous attempts to police the world, forcing its policies on other countries’ political systems, ousting governments and placing puppet ones.

When the vast majority of the American nation understands what the U.S. is doing, perhaps we will stop attempting to build an empire.