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Monday, March 13, 2006
Quitting in Disgust
A British soldier has basically quit the war.

An SAS soldier has refused to fight in Iraq and has left the Army over the "illegal" tactics of United States troops and the policies of coalition forces.

After three months in Baghdad, Ben Griffin told his commander that he was no longer prepared to fight alongside American forces.

He said he had witnessed "dozens of illegal acts" by US troops, claiming they viewed all Iraqis as "untermenschen" - the Nazi term for races regarded as sub-human.

The most interesting portion of the story is this:

Instead, he was discharged with a testimonial describing him as a "balanced, honest, loyal and determined individual who possesses the strength of character to have the courage of his convictions".

Last night Patrick Mercer, the shadow minister for homeland security, said: "Trooper Griffin is a highly experienced soldier. This makes his decision particularly disturbing and his views and opinions must be listened to by the Government."

This is just another story of a soldier who is disgusted with American policy. Perhaps I should start keeping a list. I would still love to see someone throw a war and nobody show up.
Blogger GreyHair said...
A true hero. Takes a lot of courage to buck the system.