Bending the Third Rail
Because We Should, We Can, We Do
Tuesday, January 10, 2006
ChickenHawk Freeper
As usual, Digby nails the essence of Samuel "Scalito". He's a freeper:
The only political aspirants among those three groups who failed to meet the test of their generation were the chickenhawks. And our problem today is that they are the ones in charge of the government as we face a national security threat. These unfulfilled men still have something to prove.

And, I suspect because their leadership of the "conservative" movement has infected the new generation, we are seeing much of the same pathology among younger warhawks as well. This is why we hear the shrill war cries of inchoate bloodlust from these quarters every time the terrorists strike. It's a primal scream of inner confusion and self-loathing. These are people whose highest aspirations and deepest longings are wrapped up in their masculinity, and yet they are flaccid failures. They are in a state of arrested development, never having faced their fears, never becoming men, remaining boys standing in the corner of the darkened hallway watching Bill Clinton emerge from a co-ed's dorm room to lead a rousing all night strategy session --- and sitting in the bus station on the way home for Christmas vacation as Chuck Hagel and John Kerry in uniform, looking stalwart and strong, clap each other on the back in brotherly solidarity and prepare to see what they are really made of. They have never been part of anything but an effete political movement in which the stakes go no higher than repeal of the death tax.
In other words, he's a freeper. I say filibuster the creep.
That says it all. As usual, Digby cuts right to the chase. We have an entire generation of Vietnam War chickenhawks who have "unfinished bidness" to prove their manhood, and Scalito is one of them.

I've said it a number of times and still believe it. The Dems have nothing to lose by filibustering Alito. It's good policy, and it's good politics.